Offering complete end-to-end, customer-focused solutions, our services are encompassed by a four-step process designed to create premium residential projects finished to the highest quality.

From cost planning and early contractor involvement to set the project up for success, through to construction management and final delivery, our tested process enables us to deliver on client expectations for every project we undertake. With the flexibility to work on a cost-plus or fixed lump-sum basis, we collaborate with our clients to produce the best possible outcome.

1 — Cost Planning

We start by calculating an accurate and realistic plan that reflects the client’s goals and budgets. Utilising our in-depth knowledge of the current market and previously completed projects, we are able to define budgets for the lifecycle of the project and manage delivery and quality throughout the process.

2 — Early Contractor Involvement

During the design and development stage of a project we work collaboratively with the client, architect and design team to refine the design and scope of the project. Tapping into the contractor’s experience on construction feasibility, risks and costs allows us to provide greater transparency over pricing early in the process, and complete the project in a more efficient time frame.

3 — Design & Construct

Our expert team has the know-how and experience to take care of the design and construction on your behalf. Engaging architects and contractors and managing the process creates a more streamlined approach, with greater collaboration and efficient delivery of the project. By overseeing the planning, design and construction, we ensure the successful completion of each project – on time and within budget. Our construction management capabilities combine industry best practice with effective decision-making.

4 — Completion & Delivery

Our process delivers a seamless, consistent and cost-effective approach to successful delivery across every stage of the project lifecycle. We take pride in completing projects which reflect the highest standards of construction and finishes, with meticulous attention to detail. Client satisfaction is how we measure our success.