Reform’s directors have over four decades of experience between them and harness their knowledge and expertise to create the right solutions to meet our clients’ diverse needs.

After working together for more than 10 years, they have a seamless and consistent approach to delivery and a proven track record of producing successful, high quality, premium residential projects.


02 —
Carl van Selm

Managing Director

As Managing Director, Carl has responsibility for the operational performance of the business and provides leadership to his construction teams. He has a ‘hands-on’ approach to all business-related activities; and actively mentors all staff within the business at all levels. He holds an integral position in the management team, understanding the complex needs and expectations of our various clients and stakeholders. He provides an executive link for clients.

Carl takes personal responsibility for the commitment of his team in maintaining good relations with all project stakeholders. He conducts regular reviews on every project to ensure that works are being performed efficiently, and that Reform is delivering their key components of quality, time and program. His role does not end with the signing of the contract.

03 —
Nathan Scarf


As a Director of Reform, Nathan takes carriage of and manages all facets of projects through each stage, coordinating all relevant stakeholders to achieve project milestones and client objectives.

Nathan will establish appropriate project strategies, mitigating tangible risks and providing the necessary safeguards to deal with any unforeseen challenges. His overarching management and high-level leadership of all stakeholders will be completed efficiently and effectively to maximise project outcomes and satisfy client expectations.

04 —
Alex Swiney


As a Director of Reform, Alex is responsible for the successful planning and management of all stages of delivery. From contract negotiation through to design, procurement & construction, Alex ensures projects are completed to a high standard and exceptional quality.

Alex establishes the appropriate project delivery strategies, and manages a variety of challenges which require experience and judgement. His role is to maintain a high level of leadership throughout the lifecycle of our projects, using his resourcefulness, creativity and communication.

A passionate, solutions-focused team of industry professionals, our people are experts in delivering exceptional results for our clients. They are committed to excellence in all aspects of project delivery, and provide unsurpassed service.

Paul van der Westhuizen

Design Manager

Kathy Ivanovski

Accounts Manager

Julia Manias

Office Manager

Dara Macauley

Project Manager

Alex Stones

Project Manager

Michael Redshaw

Project Manager

Joshua Santos


Sean Horan

Contracts Administrator

Jeremy Ng

Contracts Administrator

Damon Foley

Contracts Administrator

Martin Potter

Site Manager

Jesse Kentwell

Site Manager

Jonathan Ryan

Project Engineer

Mark Kenny

Site Manager

Salvatore Macri

Site Manager

Craig Dawes

Site Manager

Wil Prosser

Contracts Administration

Matt Vanags

Site Manager

Yam Jabbar


Andre Massi

Leading Hand

Edwin Carillo

Leading Hand